Reanimation of a Railway Bridge

by Franz Kropatschek and Christian Tonko

reani1_Web Sectional Perspective

reani2_Web Interior View

reani3_Web Definition of Attractors - Generation of Volumes - Distribution of Transparency

reani4_Web Video Stills - Animated Section

An abandoned railway bridge provides the site for the implementation of a design strategy inspired by parametric narration. Initially we created an animated section of the bridge whereby the section plane moves along the main axis. The resulting animation provided the canvas for the implementation of our interventions. Along the path of the section plane we defined attractors complementary to the programs we inserted into the animation. Comparably to a plant which grows towards the light the different programs - while moving over the bridge - attempted to grow towards their respective attractors. Once the script was written we were able to quickly generate a large number of different distributions of program by simply changing the configuration of frame number one.