Housing in Mariahilf

housing1_Web Street View - Street Facade

housing2_Web Aerial View - Hofhaus

housing3_Web Top View - Sun Light Corridors

housing4_Web Plans - Sun Light Corridors

The brief asked for a housing solution for a Baugruppe which consists in sixteen actors, each of which provides a brief of his or her personal demands.
Looking at this setup of the project it becomes obvious that the number of flats and the number of people is rather arbitrary. Therefore it seems necessary to investigate if there is something like an appropriate density for this particular site looking at it from an urban perspective, trying to consider what the housing situation in Vienna is like and what it might be in the future.
Vienna is a growing city and will have above two million inhabitants in 2050. Therefore the density within the sixth district should be at least sustained for two main reasons. On the one hand urban sprawl must be prevented by all means, for it seems that the fascination and the diversity of urban conditions depend a great deal on a certain density which can be called critical mass. On the other hand the charming sixth district is turning into a ghetto for the rich, as demands for flats there are high and would become even higher if less flats are available, which in return would boost prices.
Thus the main concern of the project becomes density and how to deal with it in terms of sunlight. The project proposes a setup similar to a sun clock as slices are cut out of the volume creating sunlight corridors and staging a choreography of lightevents in private as well as in public areas.