audi1_Web Model - 1:100

audi2_Web Interior View - Main Hall(suspended inside the existing building)

audi3_Web Subterranean Hall 2

audi4_Web Sections

audi5_Web Sectional Model - 1:500

audi6_Web Model - 1:100

audi7_Web Interior View - Public Ground Level

While the main auditorium - which is suspended inside the existing structure - is a rather classic space, Hall 2 is a piece of performance itself. Although it sits underneath ground level it receives daylight through a transparent ceiling. The walls of Hall 2 are clad with inflatable elements combined with solar collectors. After a bright day the total room surface has increased and thus the reverberation time is shorter. After a bright day the hall sounds bright.
The ground level of the existing building is being reused as public lobby. It is open to everyone and serves as a meeting place for visitors to the centre of contemporary music as well as for visitors to other events taking place. Parts of the facade of the existing building are being removed and there is a seamless transition between the street space and the interior.
The existing building - the Panzerhalle in Viennas arsenal - already provides an atmospheric interior space. The windows are utterly dirty and only diffuse light enters the building, creating a very gentle situation. The project attempts to place the required volume inside the building while minimizing the disturbance of the existing light condition. For that purpose the light simulation software Dialux was deployed to test iterations of geometry until the desired result was achieved. In order to test and adapt the geometry of the halls in respect to sound the sound simulation software Ulysses was deployed.