A house for three families
2011 - 2014

Per_NO_Web.jpg View from the North-East

Per_SO_Web.jpg View from the South-East

Per_NW_Web.jpg View from North-West

Innen_Web.jpg Interior View from North-East

Ansichten_Web.jpg Elevations East and West

Schnitt_Web.jpg Sectional Perspective (intermediate design stage)

EG_Web.jpg Ground Floor Plan

According to relevant building laws in Vorarlberg it is possible to rebuild an already existing volume even if it does not comply with required minimum clearances and maximum densities. Thus the decision was made to reproduce the contours of the existing building which - albeit being a deteriorated structure beyond repair - creates a comparably high density on a fairly small site while sitting directly on the northern plot boundary and therefore creates a relationship of built volume and public space which is typical for the historic village cores in the area but would be impossible to reproduce if the new building would be entirely something else.
This opportunity to build at a locally unusually high density fits in well with the programmatic ambition of the project. The aim is to create three units suitable for families, each of which provides the qualities of the single family house but uses up far less space. This comes in response to the challenge to prevent further sprawl in the area which currently transforms from rural to suburban while contributing to a possible process of soft densification of the historic village cores.