(on a slope)

courtyardhouse01_web.jpg Courtyard in the afternoon

courtyardhouse02_web.jpg North-West Elevation

courtyardhouse03_web.jpg Main living area close to dusk

The Courtyard House sits on an eastern slope of the lower rhine valley. Designed for a couple the main floor wraps around a courtyard including a swimming pool. The courtyard is enclosed by the building itself on three sides while the slope and vegetation provide the fourth wall.
The plan is organized in a U-shaped layout: kitchen on the southern side, living area on the western side, sleeping and bathrooms on the northern side. This main floor rests in part on columns and in part on a socle comprised of two additional floors. The lowest level contains the garage and infrastructural spaces. The intermediate level provides the main entrance for visitors as well as an independent flat.
The building shows two distinctly different faces. Towards the valley it appears as a fairly minimalist bar while the courtyard elevation pays homage to mid-century modernism.