A studio for drawing, painting and medium sized sculpture
2011 - 2014

CorTen1_Web.jpg View from the North-East

CorTen4_Web.jpg Longitudinal Section

CorTen2_Web.jpg View from the North-West

CorTen3_Web.jpg View from the North

Innen2_Web.jpg Interior View

Workingmodel_Web.jpg Working Model

The Latin term camera creates connotations to chamber as well as to camera in the sense of photographic device. This studio for an artist working in classic analogue media incorporates both meanings. It is a bright chamber - carefully constructed to achieve optimum light conditions which can be modulated to desired levels - and at the same time a picture and sculpture producing machine.
On a tectonic level the volume carefully responds to site conditions as it is derived by negotiating plot boundaries, the existing residential building, height restriction and the hillside situation with certain requirements of floor area and ceiling height. The single space has two main openings. One opening is facing south, one is facing north. To the south a system of different exterior screens is deployed which enable the modulation of light conditions inside the studio. The flexibility of this system complements the two separate levels which serve different functions. The top level is designed to be a workplace where most of the sketches and small water colours are done while on the lower level larger canvases and medium sized sculpture will be produced.
To the north a system of frames is installed which enable medium sized bronze sculptures to be suspended in front of the glass and in direct sight of the working artist. In that spot the bronze sculptures receive their natural patina while being staged as a motive of reflection and confrontation for the artist.